About Us - We have been in the alarm industry for more than 35 years!-Son Security System Specialists!

About us

Our company was founded by a visionary
with the objective of creating a truly world class company that is fully committed
to offering the best products and services to this market.

The vision from the very beginning was to make a difference by genuinely helping customers
by providing them a much better value for money
and follow it up with an excellent after sales support.

For us money & profit has always been only a byproduct and never the main objective.

We have crossed many mile stones in our journey.
It is just not the awards & the financial figures that we consider as our mile stones,
but it is the very many customers whom we were able to fully stratify that form our key mile stones.

Some of our important customers include the industry leaders who chose us
after a very careful evaluation and we have been able to exceed their expectations resulting in customer delight.

We always look for a win-win relationship which is one of the reasons why we have long term relationship with all our customers.

If you would like to know more about our Company, our Products or Service, please feel free to contact us.

 Providing Excellent Service is what we do best!